State Income Tax

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The commissioner of the revenue provides free state income tax assistance to citizens of Lexington in the following areas: 

  • Free Preparation of Your Individual Return
    If you bring a copy of your Federal tax return and your W-2 forms to our office, we will complete your Virginia return.
  • Taxpayer Assistance
    Our office is trained in the most recent tax legislation and will provide information and answer your questions. Also, Virginia individual income tax forms are available in our office.
  • If You Mail Your Return
    For faster processing remember the following:
    • Check your math
    • Attach W-2's and required federal schedules
    • Sign your return
    • Provide your phone number
    • File early
    • Attach copy of federal return when filing 760PY, 763, or 770 form

For more information, visit the Commonwealth of Virginia website.