Banner Reservation

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Banner Rules

There is a fee of $185 dollars for the installation and removal of a banner for 1, 2, or 3 consecutive weeks.

Please contact the Public Works Department at (540)463-3154 to tentatively schedule a banner reservation before submitting this form via email.

Once the banner request has been submitted, please email a digital spec or drawing of the banner to for the approval process. Until the digital spec or drawing has been received, the request will not be processed.

Street banners are allowed for the following purposes only and nothing contained herein is intended to create or to be construed to create a public forum for the expression or promotion of ideas or opinions with respect to such banners:

  1. Advertising a public entertainment or event, or an activity of community interest, including but not limited to City-sponsored events, events sponsored by or related to local educational institutions, events sponsored by and benefiting local, state or national not-for-profit organizations, civic events such as, but not limited to, voter registration, cultural or artistic events, or indicating a local, state, or national awareness date such as, by way of illustration but not limitation, National Constitution Month. Any such event must occur within the City of Lexington, City of Buena Vista, or County of Rockbridge. Any such banner shall be designed to be easy for people traveling in vehicles to ascertain the event and date without diverting drivers' attention from the road. To that end lettering shall be the largest component of the banner and imagery shall be limited to peripheral positions and limited in size to no more than one-fourth (1/4) of the entire banner.

  2. No banner shall be permitted with the main intent of commercial advertising, or that displays business logos, business names, and/or slogans associated with a product or service, or that promotes political campaigns or parties. Business logos for sponsors of a not-for-profit agency or group or an event benefiting such not-for-profit agency or group may be included with express language to that effect.

  3. No banner shall be permitted that:
    • contains vulgar, profane, abusive, racist or hateful language or expressions, epithets or slurs, text, photographs or illustrations in poor taste, inflammatory attacks of a personal, racial or religious nature.
    • is defamatory, threatening, disparaging, grossly inflammatory, false, misleading, fraudulent, inaccurate, unfair, contains gross exaggeration or unsubstantiated claims, or is unreasonably harmful or offensive to any individual or community.
    • violates any right of any third party.
    • discriminates on the grounds of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability, or refers to such matters in any manner prohibited by law.
    • violates or encourages the violation of any municipal, state, federal, or international law, rule, regulation, or ordinance.
    • advertises, promotes, or offers to trade any goods or services in conflict with the terms of this section.
    • includes copyrighted or other proprietary material of any kind without the express permission of the owner of that material.
    • is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, or contains misinformation.
    • advertises any illegal services or the sale of any items the sale of which is prohibited or restricted by applicable law.

  4. Designs must be approved in advance by the Directory or Public Works with regard to conformity with the above. Applications are available at the Public Works Office, 890 Shop Road, Lexington, VA, and on-line.

  5. Sponsoring organizations must supply the City with proof of liability insurance, to cover any and all claims caused by such banner display. A signed statement holding the City of Lexington harmless from any liability resulting from accident or injury caused by the erection or display of the banner shall be required.
  6. The City of Lexington assumes no responsibility for damage to banners, loss, fading, late deliveries of banners, late installations, acts of nature, or faults in craftsmanship.

  7. All banners shall be installed and removed by the City. No provider shall attempt to install, remove, or repair and reinstall a banner. The fee for installation and removal shall be set by the City Council in its Annual Appropriation. The fee will be billed after the installation of the banner.

  8. The City of Lexington agrees to hang the banner(s) in a timely manner, dependent upon the demands on City resources and the weather.

  9. Banners shall not be displayed for more than three weeks total, including no more than one week after any associated event.

  10. Other than annually City-sponsored events and national or state holidays, space availability shall be on a first come, first served basis.

Banner Request

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