Garbage & Brush Collection

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Garbage Collection

Effective January 4, 2010, the Public Works Department collects garbage from residences one time each week. Collection days for residences can be found using the collection schedule and collection map. Garbage should be placed curbside or beside the street in cans with lids the night before collection. Cans should be no larger than 32 gallons in size. Garbage is collected on every holiday except Christmas Day. There is no collection fee for residential garbage collection. All garbage is hauled to the Rockbridge County Landfill for disposal.


Garbage collection for businesses is six days per week, Monday through Saturday. The business garbage is collected on all holidays except Christmas Day and should be placed either curbside in cans or in dumpsters the night before. There are collection fees for business garbage collection which is based on the type of business and the volume generated. Those fees are billed on the monthly water bills as a sanitation fee.

Brush Collection

All residents and businesses receive free brush collection one day per week, which can be found on the collection map. There are five brush collection routes, one each day, Monday through Friday and each resident is entitled to have half (1/2) of a truck load picked up per week. Old furniture and appliances are also picked up by this crew during normal business hours. If a resident has more than a half load of brush to be collected, they can request a special pickup of the remainder of the debris at the current rate of $65 per half truck load by calling the Public Works Department at 540-463-3154. If not, the remainder of the debris will be picked up at half (1/2) load each week until it is gone. Public Works does not collect brush on holidays observed by the city; they collect it on the next working day after the holiday. 


Leaf Collection Schedule

The department collects leaves from the middle of October until the end of December. Residents should place leaves at the back of the sidewalk or road shoulder in piles or bags for collection. There is no fee for leaf collection.  From January to the middle of October, leaves will need to be placed in trash bags for pickup on the normal scheduled pickup day. 

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings will no longer be collected in piles or in trash bags. The time of loading the grass clippings, transporting them, tipping fee charges, and the space they take up in the landfill is not cost efficient. If mowing is performed on a regular schedule, grass clippings do not harm, and in fact are beneficial, for most yards. If you have grass clippings collected by a lawn care service, the lawn care service have to dispose of them. The City will no longer pick them up.