Event or Parade Permit

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Please note: If you are requesting approval for an event that will take place in one of our city parks and will not be open to the public or require street closure, please instead fill out the Recreational Facility Request Form.

The City of Lexington celebrates special events for their contributions to cultural, recreational, community and economic growth. We’re pleased you’ve chosen Lexington as the site for your event. We strive to provide excellent assistance while facilitating your event needs.

Please take into consideration that organizing a successful event will usually require months of planning, much of which must be done prior to submitting an application to the City. Depending on the scope of your event, a number of City, regional and state agencies may be involved in the logistics necessary to produce a safe and successfully executed event. Applications should be submitted thirty (30) days in advance of the date sought for the event in question.

If your event includes food trucks, trailers, or carts, those mobile restaurants must be inspected by the Fire Marshal prior to the event.  Please contact Trent Roberts, Fire Marshal, at 463-6316 to schedule the inspection. Food trucks must maintain a valid business license issued by the City of Lexington and a valid health permit issued by the Virginia Department of Health. Business Licenses can be obtained through the Commissioner of Revenue’s office at City Hall (300 East Washington Street; 540-462-3754). The health permit can be obtained at Lexington-Rockbridge Health Department (300 White Street; 540-463-3185).


Depending on the organization’s request, possible fees for public safety services that are required may be imposed with City Manager’s final approval. Compensation is to be made at the cost of the organization and/or requestee of the permit. Compensation details will be provided by the appropriate City department providing services to ensure the safety of participants and public at large.

To get started, please fill out the form below, and contact the Events Coordinator at 540-462-3700 if you have questions before filling out the application.

Once your application has been received, our Special Event Review Team will contact you to discuss your plans, and then make a recommendation to City Council for approval or denial of your request.

Best of luck for a successful event.

Site Plan Requirement

A site plan helps address traffic disruption, pedestrian safety, and other factors bearing on the protection, order, and accessibility of streets and sidewalks. Site plans are required for a) events that entail street closures, b) events that entail animals, c) events that occur between dusk and dawn, d) events that include the sale and/or consumption of alcohol, e) events where portable restrooms will be utilized, and d) sidewalk gatherings with more than 25 people crossing the street. Your site plan should be submitted via PDF in the application below, or can be turned in by hand to the Events Coordinator in the Planning and Development Department at City Hall. The site plan should clearly indicate, from a bird’s eye view, the layout of your event. Items that should be included in the site plan are a) street closures, b) race, parade or processional routes, c) portable restrooms, d) vendors, e) designated area for alcohol sale and consumption, f) volunteer positions, g) location of amplified sound, and h) general layout of activities taking place.

Event Application

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